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Boq For Civil Works To Cement Crusherunit

Boq For Civil Works To Cement Crusherunit

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Annexure B Bill Of Quantities Boq

CEMENT CONCRETE WORK i 281 Concrete with 4cm. gauge approved stone ballast, approved coarse sand and Cement in the proportion of 841 including supply of all materials labor and tools and plants etc. required for proper completion for the work. Cum 113.00 4680 528840.00 3 B REINFORCEMENT CEMENT CONCRETE i 283

Sow Boq Specifications Cgr Tennis Court

7 Plaster the entire area of wall and ceiling both inside and outside with 13 rich cement mortar. 1 8 Finish the floor inside the rooms with 3 sand filling, 3 PCC and plastering. 1 9 Putty to be applied to the walls on the inside amp outside and the ceiling.

Civil Works Estimation And Boq Of Foundation

Jan 06, 2011 In order to prepare BOQ of the foundation, first we have to estimate the civil works items in that foundation. The foundation usually used at normal depths are wall footing and column Footing. Following are the main items that are used in construction of the foundation. 1 Excavation. 2 Plain Cement Concrete 148

Schedule Of Items Amp Quantities For Civil Works

Extra for providing and mixing water proofing material in cement concrete work in doses by weight of cement as per manufacturers specification. per 50 kg cement 2 44.36 88.72 SCHEDULE OF ITEMS amp QUANTITIES FOR CIVIL WORKS OF PROPOSED GIRLS BOYS TOILET BLOCK Schedule-I Civil Works Section-A DSR Items

Xls Av Care Hospital Boq Ishor Thapa Academiaedu

BOQ OF AV CARE HOSPITAL BUILDING FOR CIVIL WORKS SN Description Quantity Unit RateRs AmountRs Remarks A COMMERCIAL BUILDING 1.00 Side Protection Works Ls 2.00 Site Clearance work Sq.m 3.00 Earthwork excavation in BMS including including 100ft lead amp 10ft lift Cum 4.00 Boulder Soling amplevelling works Cum in foundation including 30m lead 5.00 Plain cement concrete works in

Bill Of Quantities Proposed Construction Of

Proposed Construction of Classrooms, toilets and allied blocks at Dhempe College of Arts Science at Miramar - CIVIL WORKS Bill of Quantities Item No. Description Unit Qty Rate Amount E PLASTER WORK 16.0 Providing and applying 6mm cement plaster to ceiling 1 4 1 cement 4 fine sand Sqm 385.00

Boq Combined General Abstract Name Of Works


Rate Analysis Of Civil Works Comprehensive Guide Civil

In order to calculate the rate analysis for civil works, you need to determine the below things. BOQ preparation It includes the quantity of material, cost amp types, method of construction. Material Estimation It includes material cost including wastage. Manpower Calculation It includes the required skilled and unskilled manpower ...

Cement Consumption Coefficients For Various Construction Works

Reading time 1 minuteConstruction works involving cement as one of the material requires cement consumption coefficients for estimation of quantities and cost of such works. Coefficients of cement consumption works for various construction activities involving cement mortar, concrete etc. are presented in table. S. No. Construction Work Details Coefficient 1 P.C.C. 1510 2.6 Bagscu ...

How To Prepare A Bill Of Quantities 15 Steps With Pictures

Jun 12, 2020 1. Set up a spreadsheet for your bill of quantities. Include columns for the item numbers, description, unit of measurement, quantity, rate for the item, labor, and total cost for the item. Your item numbers will be consecutive, starting from 1. Restart the item numbers for

15 Best Civil Engineering Works Rate Analysis Excel Sheet

Civil Engineering Works Rate Analysis Excel Sheet. In this web, we share civil engineering works Coste estimate excel sheet like foundation excavation works, masonry works, slab casting works, plastering works and etc. work rate analysis excel sheet. which is easy to use and majorly use in the construction field.

Part I Of Annexure Ii Bill Of Quantity For Civil Work

base of cement concrete 124 ratio, the brick work will be 9 inches thick on all four sides. The sewage line will be 6kg UPVC pipe of make prince, finolex, prakash,supreme etc enclosed in cement concrete on a bed of yamuna sand. 20 Mtrs 3 Earth work in excavation in foundations, trenches, etc. in all kinds of soils, not exceeding 2 Meters

Bill Of Quantities Spreadsheet Download Boq

The BoQ is presented to the tenderers to allow them for easily set up a price for executing the works. With BoQ, the tenderers can easily figure out construction costs for their tender. The contractor submit their tenders against the bill of quantities, assigning their price for a single item.

Bill Of Quantities Civil Works Renovation Of

cement mortar 14 1 cement 4 coarse sand including grouting the joints with white cement and matching pigments etc. complete. Sqm 415. Size of Tile 60x60cm 2.4. 4.1.3 Providing and laying in position cement concrete of specified grade excluding the cost of centering and shuttering - All work up to Floor five Level. cum 9

Bill Of Quantity

CIVIL Works Description Qty Unit Rate Amount 1 DISMANTLING WORK 1.01 157.00 Smt 1.02 4.00 Cmt 1.03 57.00 Smt 1.04 10.00 Smt 1.05 39.00 Smt 1.06 10.00 Smt 2.00 Surface Excavation 42.00 Smt 3.00 PLAIN CEMENT CONCRETE WORK 3.01 30.00 Smt 4.00 REINFORCED CEMENT CONCRETE WORK 4.01 1.00 Cmt 5.00 MASONRY 5.01 150 mm thk concrete block masonry in ...

Sport Complex Boq Sr No Description Quantity Unit

CIVIL WORK ATHLETIC amp FOOTBALL Ground 1 Crusher Run Macadam Base -- Providing crushed stone aggregate, depositing on a prepared surface by hauling vehicles, spreading and mixing in place method, watering and compacting with a vibratory roller to clause 410 to form a layer of sub-baseBase -- By Mixing in place Method for 53 mm maximum size 865 ...

Boq1 The Braithwaite Burn And Jessop Construction

Brick work with F.P.S. bricks of class designation 75 in foundation and plinth in a Cement mortar 16 1 cement 6 coarse sand 508.03 Cum 4,677.25 23,76,186.00 4.02 Brick work with F.P.S. bricks of class designation 75 in superstructure above plinth level upto floor V level in all shapes and sizes in

Boq And Specifications For Civil Interior

BOQ AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR CIVIL, INTERIOR, FURNISHING, ELECTRICAL AND AIR-CONDITIONING WORKS OF DSH OFFICE AT FIRST FLOOR OF PANNA MAIN BRANCH. Same as above but providing, making and fixing Gypsum cove inside height 150 - 200 mm and border 75 mm to hide stripcove light in

Ksia Fuel Works Phase 1 Airports Company South

Bill of Quantities - Civil Works Tender Item No Ref Description Unit Quantity Rate Amount SECTION 2 FORWARD FUEL DEPOT - RELOCATION OF STORMWATER GRID INLET SANS 1200C SITE CLEARANCE PSC 8.2.11 Remove and Dispose of existing Surfacing, Layerworks and Manholes 2.1 i. Saw cut concrete pavement to 100mm min depth m 12 0.00 2.2 ii.

Boq For Roof Treatment Work Opgc

CEMENT AND SAND MORTOR over extended water water proofing treatment and finished good. 9 Finishing of fillet portion shall be done with neat cement finish with coving of 150mm above finished surface. A Item No. SQM 9300 ROOF WATERPROOFING AT POWER HOUSE BUILDING AND MILL BUILDING . Bill of Quantity BOQ 1 OF 3

Volumeii Price Bid Containing Bill Of Quantities

SUMMARY OF CIVIL BOQ 4-4 CIVIL BOQ 5-25 SUMMARY OF PH BOQ 26-26 PH BOQ 27-44 SEPTIC TANK BOQ 47-50 SUMMARY OF ELECTRICAL BOQ 51-51 ... RCC M20 Grade Design Mix Concrete to be used for all RCC Works C1 In Column Footings. 35.00 CUM C2 In Column Shafts amp pedestals. 40.36 CUM C3 In Flat Roof Slabs and projections. ...

Name Of Work Misc Civil Works Of Proposed

1 Brick work with bricks of class designation 75 in cement mortar 1 3 3 1 cement 3 coarse sand 3 fine sand in foundations, trenches, chambers etc. all work upto plinth level. Cum 250.00 NAME OF WORK- MISC CIVIL WORKS OF PROPOSED RAIL SIDE WAREHOUSE FOR ITS TERMINAL AT HINDAUN CITY.

What Is Boq Boq Meaning Boq Fullform Example Of

Jun 18, 2020 BoQ means bill of quanity is a document prepared by a cost estimator to calculate the exact costing of project work by multiplying item work by their rate. It is the most important document for tendering and contracting. Bill of quantity gives an idea about the cost of a

Rate Analysis Of Mep And Civil Works Items Civil4m

Apr 07, 2021 Ground 7 Civil Rates Compound wall rates Hardscape BOQ Podium Painting rates Rock Anchoring BOQ Tennis and Multipurpose Court BOQ MS rates for sub station Softscape rates Swimming pool MEP rates Lowering Device rates 42 floos Carpentry and polishing works rate Waterproofing works RO Plant rates Gypsum cornice rates Gypsum Plaster rate 42 floors

Unit Price Total Price Description Unit Qty Usd Usd

ITB Civil Works BoQRevised version Unit Price Total Price USD USD Item Description Unit Qty. 4.02 Reinforced Concrete Walls Reinforced concrete walls supply and reinforced concrete grade B350 for the walls of the elevator 20mm thickness as shown in the drawings including reinforcement and all necessary support to complete the work

Bill Of Quantities In Civil Engineering Bill Of

A bill of quantities BOQ exemplifies a report to be used for tendering function in the construction business materials. Inside a BOQ, all the data for resources, components, and manual labor and their expenses are listed. The cost consultant usually an amount evaluator creates the report BOQ and it comprises project connected ...

Summary Of Bill Of Quantities Civil Works

Dec 16, 2020 A bill of quantities BOQ is a document used in tendering in the construction industry supplies in which materials, parts, and labor and their costs are itemized.The bill of quantities sometimes referred to as BoQ is a document prepared by the cost consultant often a quantity surveyor that provides project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the ...

Bill Of Quantities And Cost Estimates

7166P02BoQ and Cost Estimates 9-5 Since the Project Sponsor is a cement manufacturer, cost of at least one alternative supplier has been inquired from the list of potential suppliers. Information such as distance of each factory from project site, capacity of production and type of cement produced has been taken into account in the assessment.

Bill Of Quantity For Interior Decoration Including Civil

2 Masonry Work a Providing and constructing half brick 115mm thick masonry clay burnt to achieve a fire rating of 120 minutes in cement mortar 14 including raking of joints, curing etc. complete. , 115 x 150mm RCC Patli beams in cement concrete 124, with 4 Nos 8mm Tor steel reinforcement

Bill Of Quantities For Proposed Building Amp Civil

CIVIL WORKS AT LITEN 3311 KV SUBSTATION ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION UNIT QTY UNIT RATE AMOUNT 1 Preliminaries A Allow for a temporary site office adequate to accomondate six persons,notice board, shelves and , store for materials and tools storage. ITEM 1 B Allow for clean water for the works

Sbi Sec 20 Chd Boq Civil 1

Civil work - BOQ - B.O. S.No ITEM QTY UNIT RATE AMOUNT The works rate includes disposal of malba Civil part as per work given below from site to unobjectionable place amp out side of municipal Limits. All old material excluding malba is the property of bank branch, hand over to the bank authorities. A SUBHEAD A CIVIL WORKS

Annexure 1 Boq For Yetimoga Sewerage System

ANNEXURE 1 -BOQ FOR YETIMOGA SEWERAGE SYSTEM Sr. No. Description Unit Qty Unit Rate Cost in Rs A CIVIL ITEMS 1 Earth Work Excavation Earth work Excavation and Depositing on bank with an Initial lead of 10.00m and initial lift of 2.00m in case of

Bill Of Quantities Excel Sheet Free Download Civiconcepts

A Bill of Quantities BOQ or BQ is documentation established to define the quality and quantity of works required to be carried out by the main contractor to complete a project.It is prepared by a quantity surveyor or cost consultant.

How To Pricequote For Concrete Works Structville

Mar 20, 2020 The main aim of this article is to teach you how to build up your rate, and quote for concrete in construction works. The unit of concrete in construction is specified in cubic metres m 3 . For instance, if a floor slab has a net area of 250 m 2 , and a thickness of 150 mm, the volume of concrete required will be stated as 250 x 0.15 37.5 ...

Pstcl Tender Const Of Civil Works At 220kv Gis Sub

Jun 03, 2021 PSTCL Const Of Civil Works At 220kv Gis Sub Station Focal Point Sherpur Closing Date ... BOQ-1 636.9 kB BOQ134637.xls. Price bid. 4 More. BOQ Items. Item Quantity Units Rate Amount ... First class burnt brick work laid in cement sand mortar 17 in first storey upto 4 metres above plinth level. 9.99 cum-4203.76